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A New Schedule

18 March 2012 by Jim

This week I have started off by switching from an unproductive way of life to living on a schedule, mostly due to the time constraints that I face because of my exams in the week beginning on 16 April, which is now only 29 days away. I fixed my hours and their purpose in a handy iPhone app, and I haven’t looked back since.

My efficiency at sticking to the plan was highest on the first three days and somewhat declined on Thursday and Friday, especially since I got a new toy (iPad) and of course played around with that, but I’m confident that this will work out fine and I’ll be more productive than ever if I stick to the plan. I already achieved to be about 3 to 4 times as useful on my worst days on schedule than I was before I scheduled anything. If that’s not great I don’t know what is. The trick, however, is of course to stick to it. One thing is wonderful already: instead of feeling bad and thinking about studying all the time, I can actually turn off that little voice in my head at 18h30 in the evening when my work day is over. That is pure bliss.

I will take a day off tomorrow afternoon so that I can relax a bit, and I have yet got to adjust my schedule in this regard. I’ll also be having drinks in town, which is pretty neat and a bit of a change-up in the routine of this week. Good times.

One day later I wake up at 6 AM even though I wanted to sleep until 7. I guess that’s a good sign if it means that I’ve adjusted to my new schedule already. And it somehow confirms that I only need 8 hours of sleep, which I do get if I go to sleep at 22, wake up at 5 and then take a nap in the early afternoon.

I hope I can recharge my batteries this afternoon to start off fresh and fully functional tomorrow morning at 5 and actually stick to the plan – as in: start working at 5:00:00 and not five minutes later or something like that. I may have to adjust the schedule just a tad bit though in order to have some little breaks between the work for a cup of tea and the like.

What else is new? The novel is finished. Thank you dear gods. I think I’ve got a new record for being slow here. +3 years… Subsequent works will be quicker in their creation. I hope.

Latin studying is finally speeding up and I actually seem to understand some of that stuff, even though it is still a bit hazy. It’s crazy how much effort and time goes in there even though it has a coefficient of 2, whereas the courses with coefficient 5 get done in about a tenth of the time I use up for Latin. But that’s the nature of the game: working where you need the work.

The workouts and running are fine, too. I finally work out each day and it’s a great feeling to get that done in the morning when previously I had to fight just to get it done somewhere over the course of the day.

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