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24 March 2012 by Jim

Latin gets on rather rapidly now, which is nice, since I’m already at Unit 10 of 15 or something like that, so I should be done in the next week. I also started the audio course about the French sonnet, which is interesting and not too long at 9:10 hours. Generally speaking I should do about 48 minutes of audio per day, or better: an hour, to be done with this in 10 days. Furthermore, I should read the commentary on Pièces de Guerre, maybe 20 pages each day to finish in 10 days as well. That would be nice. I’m also going to print the poetry sheets for the sonnet.

  • 1 hour of audio
  • 20 pages of book

Generally, I didn’t stick to the plan as strictly as the first week, so I may have to rethink this, but the schedule did help me especially in the morning to get started with my work quickly. For the first three days of the week I do not have exact statistics, but Thursday I did 297 minutes of productivity, and on Friday, today, I did 224 minutes, which is a 24% decrease in productivity towards Friday. I will continue tracking time this way, it seems like a viable and very exact way to do it. I need to continue with the novel work, too.

  • track minutes of work
  • work on book as well

I was intrigued by an interview with Luxembourg writer Lambert Schlechter wo said that in his view, the artist does not need to address modern-day issues because they’re too complex nowadays. He said big icons as there were some years ago didn’t exist anymore, and it was hard for people to respond to current situations. His overall view was negative towards the future. I think that is complete and utter nonsense. Artists are as occupied with their modern time than previous generations were with theirs, but the multiplicity of issues makes it difficult to find one single position to take and stick to, which makes the artist’s position less easy to form and comprehend, but not impossible.

As to the possibility of continuing with my Spartan schedule for the rest of my life, I think it would be pretty useless to force myself to do so even though I do not feel like it on some days, but I admit that it would be possible. After all, we eat each day and go to the loo, which shows that we can do some tasks daily without problems.

Regarding moving to a new home, I reflected on how we get a new social circle. In most cases it is probably better to stick to people and move only gradually, than to jump to a new place completely and loose all ties with what has been. I think it is not good to burn bridges unless you have to. It should not be a principle.

  • limit iPhone distraction
  • develop rule work: if one is to make real and true progress in life based on real change and improvement, then the rules that we develop and think we should use need to be written down in some spot for easy reference. A blog is a good start, but after some time a rule work needs to be prepared and continually updated and reviewed to be effective. It’s the equivalent of an “efficiency legislation” for the individual. Maybe that would make a good book title.

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