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Life is good, even before exams

09 April 2012 by Jim

What is up this week? I am 2 days late with this post, I know, but, you guessed right, I’ve been busy, or so I like to think. But, really, I have been busy, and it turns out that I did get some stuff done, and I’m progressing faster through my PDF courses than I initially thought, which is a great thing. I’ve logged over 4 hours of pure studying today, which is very good, and I didn’t have to do any translations. Willpower definitely is limited. The more I translate, the less I study, even though I have far more than only enough time for it.

Next week the exams will be, and I will probably have an experience very close to last year’s: feeling neither really prepared nor altogether lazy. The middle way will probably let me get rid of some exams and then proceed to the others in the second session, which will then hopefully turn out to be successful as well. If it does, I will go to university next year here in Luxembourg to try something new and make more friends. I think that’ll be really really great. I can always go back to distance education, I think, if I find that it takes up too much of my time for too little value in exchange.

Let’s do this week, and then I will be off to Copenhagen for 4 days. I will be able to recharge my batteries somewhat, think about things a little and get on with the novel correction, so that through May it will finally be published, so that I can study for the June exams.

Life is good. You only need to see it. 

I’ve made some nice commitments for more regular learning and more thorough studying next year, which I will try to really apply this time. I’m also thinking a lot about writing new things, even in Luxembourgish. I think that’d be quite nice. To get some recognition in Luxembourg and beyond. We will see what comes off it.

The most important thing is to always go on. Never stop.

I’ve been reading an article about monogamy as a fallacious model for social coherence in the XXI century that was quite extraordinary and resonated with me. I would like to try out how it would feel to start off a relationship with trust and love but without any taboos, so that for once, there would be no pressure. How far would that take me? Would I be able to keep up my passion longer? Stay with that person longer? Love him longer? Who knows, it’s worth a try. We’ve tried 4 times in the traditional romantic way, and failed. So let us do something new and see where life takes us. I’ve got to get some friends’ take on this.

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