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July to October 100K Running Challenge (COMPLETED)

29 July 2012 by Jim

#Update: Since this challenge has been successfully completed and is over now, you’ll find hereafter an always up-to-date graph of the evolution of my average running speed to give you a glimpse into how my progress is after this challenge.

Since I need to stick to my newly found running habit and I desperately need to ramp up my activity if I want to loose the 3kg I’ve gained – I’m now at a never-heard of 76kg – I thought I might just setup a small running challenge. I want to run 100 kilometres by October 22 (don’t ask me how I chose that date).

So far, so good.

Here are the running stats:

  • July 24: 4.6 km @ 11.0 km/h
  • July 29: 4.6 km @ 11.3 km/h
  • August 6: 4.6 km @ 11.3 km/h
  • August 8: 4.6 km @ 11.3 km/h
  • August 11: 4.6 km @ 11.0 km/h
    # Update: A fourth of the challenge is done, and I’ve still got two and a half months, which should be completely sufficient. Running a little bit slower, at 11.0 km/h, I should easily be able to run my usual route twice, making a little over 9 km at each session. I’ll see how that goes today on August 14.
    # Update: I’m too bored by running to run for a full hour. Shame on me, I know, but it’s just not possible right now, because I’ve got things to do and I feel like running 10 km instead of 5 is a waste of my time.
  • August 15: 4.6 km @ 11.2 km/h
  • August 17: 4.6 km @ 11.6 km/h
    # Update: There is definite progress to be seen here. Soon I’ll be at 12 km/h on average, which will be really nice. I’ve wanted to get there for some time now. It’s a bit hot right now, though, at 25-31°C, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to improve upon my speed today, August 20, since last time the temperature was “just” 25°C. I guess it’s a lot harder at five more degrees. But we’ll see.
  • August 20: 4.5 km @ 11.4 km/h
    # Update: Today I ran on the treadmill because the temperature was 32°C outside. It’s boring inside though. I guess it’ll be better outside the day after tomorrow.
  • August 23: 3.25 km @ 11.33 km/h
    # Update: Trying again to use the treadmill I didn’t get enough oxygen in our small 
    basement room. It’s not good to go there, but I somehow don’t get that into my head because I’m too lazy to go out into nature to run.
  • August 26: 4.6 km @ 11.77 km/h
  • August 29: 4.6 km @ 11.68 km/h
  • August 31: 4.6 km @ 11.86 km/h
  • September 3: 4.6 km @ 11.48 km/h
  • September 5: 4.6 km @ 12.11 km/h
    # Update: As can be seen here, I’ve finally cracked the 12 km/h, which is a full kilometer faster than when I started this challenge… if only I increased my speed by 1 km/h per every 60 – 70 km, then I would only need to run 420 more km to get to 18 km/h… I’m surprised at how fast this happens. I took about 310 km total to get from 8.5 km/h as average to 12.1, which is a whopping increase.
  • September 12: 4.6 km @ 12.25 km/h
  • September 14: 4.6 km @ 12.14 km/h
  • September 17: 4.6 km @ 11.69 km/h
  • September 20: 4.6 km @ 11.79 km/h
  • September 25: 4.6 km @ 11.78 km/h
  • September 27: 4.6 km @ 12.01 km/h
    # Update: During the last two weeks I had a cold that seems almost completely gone. Without it, I would have been even faster. But the current results are striking nonetheless.

current total: 100 km of 100 km

COMPLETION UPDATE: I did it just in time. The 100 km have made me faster, from an average of 11.2 km/h for the first three runs of that period to 11.86 km/h for the last three, which is a 6% increase of my average speed during these three months, and, if I look instead at lowest and highest speeds, an 11.3% range (11.0 – 12.25 km/h).

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