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NaNoWriMo 2012 – 50K Words, 1 Month after 78K Words, 60 Months

02 November 2012 by Jim

Since I’m currently so lazy and do not know what to do with my time besides translating a novel into British English and being a model student (haha), I’d like to take on another challenge. My running challenge is over, obviously, and I’m steadily approaching the 100 push-ups in the One Hundred Pushups programme, so I need something new to fight against. Brussels by night

#Update November 18: After spending a lot of time catching up and doing coursework for school this week, I feel like I cannot possibly complete NaNoWriMo on time, because it’s just too much of a time sink and someone I’m not ready to work 8h per day yet. Maybe someday I will. But that’s not important. What is important is that I, who previously took 5 years to write my first novel, now have about 10’000 words of a new one with a promising story, and that within only 2 weeks’ time. That’s quite a big increase in speed, and I suspect in quality, too. It’ll be wonderful to see how this plays out! I need to get me some new deadline to finish.

#Update: As of November 30, I’ve definitely failed at NaNoWriMo, but I’m sure this novel will not take as long as the last one did to complete… I’ll keep you updated!

As an aside, I have to say that I spent a really nice one-day-vacation in Brussels yesterday where I went to listen to Patrick Wolf in concert and shake my ass on a dance floor until 4 AM and yes, for someone aspiring to sleep from 22.00 to 5.00 AM every day, partying until 4 is a big feat. Go listen to Patrick Wolf, it’s very nourishing food for the ears of reflective people. Lots of images, metaphors and above all, varied and heartfelt melodies.

But back to the challenge.

The National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo aka November is an event I’ve been jealously following for the past few years without actually entering since I had to get my first novel out and it was, to say the least, a mess full of 3 to 6 years (I won’t bother to determine the actual starting date) of additions, deletions and incongruences. Now that I’ve published that one and am in the process of translating it into English, I am ready to take on a new writing project. As the Germans say, “Wer rastet, rostet.” meaning ‘When you have a break, you’re getting worse.’. So, logically, I have to keep going, and in the middle of studying and all the other things I need to do and keep track off, not the least of which are sports, I have to use such projects to push myself to regularly work on my creative writing.

So how will I go about doing this?

As you see, I will have to write everyday to reach the projected minimum 50’000 word first draft. I’ve got something of a story in mind that touches on many subjects that are currently on my mind, and I will try to use this to my advantage since I won’t have to make up something that doesn’t really concern me.

That being said, I will not view this project as something that will be easy to do, because I’ve defined a set of rules for myself that will force me to innovate and do something that is new to me. I hope something interesting will come of it

On the left you can see a widget detailing my current progress and whether I will achieve the goal or not. I’ll update this post every week with details on the writing process for those out there who may be participating in the challenge or those who are interested in such a writing process can evolve and what tactics you can use to overcome the inherent problems of such little time for the first draft.

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