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CS193P iOS Development: Playing Card Game done!

31 May 2014 by Jim

As indicated in my previous posts on programming in Objective-C I have been into programming iOS apps lately. After having stopped programming in December to focus on university, I have started again, and I am blazing ahead and solving problems that seemed impossible to solve a few months ago. Here’s a video:

It is really incredible how much learning can be achieved in a few weeks / months of training if you get into it.

In case you haven’t learned programming yet, give it a try. It’s definitely worth it. If you’re into iOS programming, start with CS106A (Java), then do CS106B (C++) and finally CS193P (Objective-C for iOS). Every one of the courses builds on the last one, and they basically take you from being a n00b to an actual programmer who can translate ideas for apps into actual, working code.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be publishing my first app in the App Store this year.


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