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End of the Strategy Test 2015

12 July 2015 by Jim

This is the 6th completed month of testing a few different portfolio strategies as explained in this post. Time for a new update!

Sorry for not having published an update in May. I had exams to pass and was pretty busy overall, and when I then ran into trouble with the update I decided to wait until I’d have more time and peace of mind.

So there’s been a problem recently. The website I used to track the portfolios for these posts, Google Finance, somehow didn’t work properly anymore, maybe for reasons of currency conversion or others, I honestly don’t really know. My results were widely off the mark of what they should have been in most portfolios, and it was bad enough that I could not be sure that the data for the next updates would be correct, so I decided to instead stop it before the results were watered down by approximate data points.

I still feel that the systems are worth a look, so I will re-start this series of tests further down the road at some point when I have more time. And I will then make sure to use a different tracking process and to document the test more thoroughly so I can recover all the data if something doesn’t work out.

In the meantime, and to offer you something else that I can update on a monthly basis to give you an impression of how it’s working, I’ll give you updates on what was called ‘X’ on the previous charts, which is my own portfolio, compared to a few ETFs / mutual funds to see how different asset classes perform over time.

I will also be looking more closely at academic papers on investing to give you additional high quality information on how to invest properly. Much higher quality than I could offer on my own in any case!

Check it out in the next post!



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