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CS193P iOS Development: Playing Card Game done!

31 May 2014 by Jim

As indicated in my previous posts on programming in Objective-C I have been into programming iOS apps lately. After having stopped programming in December to focus on university, I have started again, and I am blazing ahead and solving problems that seemed impossible to solve a few months ago. Here’s a video:

It is really incredible how much learning can be achieved in a few weeks / months of training if you get into it.

In case you haven’t learned programming yet, give it a try. It’s definitely worth it. If you’re into iOS programming, start with CS106A (Java), then do CS106B (C++) and finally CS193P (Objective-C for iOS). Every one of the courses builds on the last one, and they basically take you from being a n00b to an actual programmer who can translate ideas for apps into actual, working code.

Using QuickTime as a Transcription Tool via AppleScript

20 November 2013 by Jim

You may already know that transcription apps, like F5 or ExpressScribe, can be used to speed up a transcriber’s work and streamline it. If you regularly work with transcriptions, I really recommend using specialised software and trying to optimise your workflow.

If you do large quantities of any specific type of work, be it transcription or translation, gaining 5% of time on every job can make a difference of hundreds of hours in one year.

Since I lately had to transcribe files into file formats that were not compatible with transcription software, I wrote small AppleScripts to provide the same functionality within QuickTime Player. That way I could rewind and play/pause any file that QT could read with a simple shortcut, with the window in the background.

Creating your first Web App: tales of a beginner

10 November 2013 by Jim

I have started getting into programming, little by little, first learning a tiny bit of Pascal when I was 16, then, last year, doing the CS106A course from Stanford (I’m a huge fan of professor Sahami, even if I’ve never met him), and now the CS106B follow-up course, which I’m not yet done with. Both are available as iTunes U downloads, which is great if you own an iPad, of course.

However, even though I’ve now invested some considerable time in programming, I have not yet found a particular real-life project to invest my time in and learn actual, practical programming. I’ve finally found a project to work on that will help me with two areas of my life: programming and earning an income.

Free Online Coding Courses at Stanford University

04 July 2012 by Jim

It’s great to have free online courses like these. I’ve been wanting to learn iOS development for years and now finally I have a clear path and something that challenges me. I’ll do the 3 courses at Stanford, 106A & B and the iOS development course in the coming months. It’ll be great. I’ll post my advancement here for all to see. I was actually to lazy to do that all the time, but I’ve done it for most of the course. There’s nothing like a bit of peer pressure and exposure to fight procrastination. (more…)