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The Germanwings Crash: Our Misguided Approach to Accidents and Safety

29 March 2015 by Jim

First off, the crash is of course a horrible event, and it’s a pity that 150 people died in it. It’s also tragic that 149 people died because of one apparently suicidal copilot although his motivations are not yet entirely understood and probably never will be. But the significance of this accident is hugely overblown. It makes people feel unsafe when they should not, because flying is safer now than it has ever been, and it is becoming ever safer due to technological improvements.
Flying is very safe


An Easy Way to Create an Evernote Monthly Calendar

25 January 2015 by Jim

This is a little tip about using Evernote that I wanted to share, because I was looking for a solution to this problem myself. Here’s what the end result looks like after about 60 seconds of work:

Evernote Calendar

I currently use a paper Moleskine Weekly Calendar for my own organisation, but I recently thought that it could be quite convenient to use Evernote in the same way. But I’d need sufficient space (i.e. not just a 2×2 cm box) each day and an easy way to get an overview, just like I have in my Moleskine paper calendar. (more…)