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Bondora Payment Reliability: 82% / ROI = 19.5%

21 November 2014 by Jim

Bondora Repayment ReliabilityI’ve started investing on Bondora in May 2013. Since then, 17 months have passed, and here’s a chart with the percentages of principal and interest that are actually paid back. As you can see, the long-term trend is toward a decrease, which was to be expected as the portfolio matures, but there are no huge decreases, so the trend is not alarming.

The overall percentage repayment probability is on average 82%, split up into:

  • 95% for principal
  • 68% for interest

Principal is paid back more reliably because when borrowers send their payments, they are first used to pay back the principal, and only what is left over after that is applied to the due interest. (more…)