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Dealing with procrastination: use what you already have!

05 August 2017 by Jim

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Like any others, I’ve struggled a lot with procrastination at times in my life. Owning my own business and having obtained a master’s degree in French literature while working full-time has solved some of those issues, by pure necessity. Like so many things we wish we could do, when we have to get on with work because we have no time left, we’re suddenly able to. Necessity breeds diligence. (more…)

Academic Progress Tracking 2012/13

29 October 2012 by Jim

As part of my pledge to become a better student I wanted to keep a close eye on my progress, and this is what I will do on this post. I’ll do a weekly and monthly review of how far I’ve come here.

Week October 22 – 28 (31h20)

This week the courses have started and I’ve been playing around with organisation strategies. I have not yet worked through my course material because I’ve found out that I am supposed to send in a big assignment requiring me to read 2000 pages by November 11 so I try to get through that material and produce something meaningful. This allows me to get up to speed on the reading, since these first three books are the longest texts I’ll have to work with this year, and I will also be able to get into the subject matter quite rapidly. (more…)

Pre-Course Reading Progress

04 October 2012 by Jim

The Mission

As previously described, I need to really shine a lot more this year in university that I did last year, so, among other things, and since I’m a French literature student, one of the things to get out of the way as fast as possible is: the (obligatory) reading

Naturally, you can’t read everything that people advise you to read, because if you did, you’d do nothing in your life but gaze frantically at books, and, let’s face it, there is more to life than reading, even if it is pretty essential to all of us, right? (more…)