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Piotroski Investing

Pretty much every post on investing on this blog features the Piotroski stockpicking method at its core. That’s what I’ve been using for over a year now to get stellar results with my portfolio.

In order to make it easy to find all the relevant posts, click on the ‘Piotroski’ tab in the side bar, or just have a look at this list of the essential articles explaining my strategy:

  1. Part 1: The Underrated Piotroski Stock Picking Method
  2. Part 2: Using the Magic Formula to Rank Piotroski Stocks
  3. Part 3: Anatomy of a Piotroski Portfolio: Buying and Selling
  4. Part 4: My Current Piotroski Results

If you have any questions, feel free to ask or comment on anything!

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